SKY HI Drones

One of the fun things about having idk is we can try whatever we want. So when we learned about the popularity of drones, we thought “hey, we should have a drone t-shirt!”

Unfortunately our base knowledge of drones is from TV.


On Hawaii 5-0, it killed a bunch of people in Waikiki.

So, we decided to read articles on drones and watch stuff on YouTube.

article from Hawaii Blogger. You can read it here.

We got so excited when we came up with UAV HI, which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Hawaii. When we started printing the design, I felt like a can of Diet Coke Lime that got shook and was ready to burst.

Printing the back of the shirt.
We printed some on grey and some on white. Here’s a close up of the back.
Here’s the front. UAV is Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Sometimes we don’t know if we’re making good business decisions. Well, maybe it’s most of the time. Anyway, we really love designing and we hope things we create makes you happy too.

You can find these freshly-printed UAV t-shirts now at Menehune Mac. In grey or white men’s tee sizes.

Do you or someone you know fly drones? Where do you fly them?


Menehune Mac is located at 707 Waiakamilo Road and is open daily except on Sundays. For more info, call (808) 841-3344 or visit


2 thoughts on “SKY HI Drones

    1. So glad you like our new idkwhat2wear shirt. If you look closely, those animals appear on our most popular idk designs. We decided to put them together as the perfect shirt when you don’t know what to wear. lol! Drones are new to us too but we’re very intrigued by them! Thank you for commenting.

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